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Diamonds – Foz has its own supply chain and will assist any qualified Buyer to source their specific needs and requirements.     


Gold - Foz at present will only do CIF gold transactions.


Import Services - Foz can provide import services into Dubai for fully documented legal shipments, of gold and diamonds for qualified Buyers and Sellers.


Secure Storage - Foz can provide short term secure storage of diamonds and gold, in its secure storage facility in the Almas Tower in the DMCC (Dubai).


Foz will become a leading wholesale provider of physical precious metals bullion products including gold, silver, platinum and palladium. All products are of Hallmark refineries and exchange approved to trade in any markets worldwide. Foz only offers physical bullion and does not deal in futures, options, securities or derivatives. Most jurisdictions do not require special licensing to trade physical bullion.


 Foz new upcoming platform presents our clients with the ability to trade and store their product or use their product as a collateral guarantee for financing, while their assets remain liquid in all markets. It also offers the security of fully insured, audited, allocated and segregated product, in addition to the safety and confidentiality trading in the UAE; a Collateral Financing program for non-U.S. customers; Inventory that is audited by a major Accounting Firm; and the ability to store our clients’ product at insured depositories worldwide. As a wholesale provider of precious metals, Foz does not sell precious metals directly to the general public. For compliance purposes, Foz offers its products and services through independent retail dealers across the world, providing their clients and ours with a proven way to trade and securely store their precious metals.

Please don't hesitate in contacting us for more information in regards to the services and our new collateral financing platform which will be online within the next few weeks.   



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