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Foz Gold & Diamonds Trading FZC was formed to consolidate the operations of various companies including CS Roberts Group of Companies. Started in 2003, with the head office in South Africa, licensed Gold and Diamond Trading Company and subsidiary company operations in Namibia and Sierra Leone specializing in Gold and Diamond exploration.  Foz not only consolidated and streamlined the activities of these companies but also expanded their operations to become one of the leading suppliers of rough diamonds and gold products to Europe, North America and to the UAE.  


Company Philosophy


We are passionate about diamonds and gold. Foz’s exceptional service and progressive business philosophy help us maintain efficient and competitive distribution channels.

Foz has relationships with accredited and established clientele in many different regions of the world. Foz prides itself on providing customers with specialized services delivered with the greatest efficiency and confidentiality.  Customers value Foz’s honesty and integrity in providing a safe and structured trading environment for both its customers and suppliers in the trading of diamonds and gold.  Foz will always deliver top-quality rough diamonds to its customers, which are all Kimberley Process Certified.

Dr Sergio Calqueiro
Founder and CEO

Sergio is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company who holds a MBchB degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Management (MBA). He has over 12 years of experience working in related industry as a senior executive officer. He will be working with a team of professionals to build this business and grow it to enviably height.

   Dr David Goerz
Director of American    Operations  

David is our experienced trusted adviser which include areas of global tactical and strategic asset allocation solutions and investment advise. David's aim is to rationalize a complex world of uncomfortable investment choices.

Ellen Christina
VP African Division

Ellen is the Chief Operation Officer and brings a world of experience to the team. She grew up on the Soet & Suur (Sweet & Sour) farm in the Boshof district close to Kimberly where the mine Soet & Suur Diamond was located, which belonged to her father. Ellen has been in the diamond Industry for the last 18 years and thus is our Chief gemologist. Ellen has run our operations in Sierra Leone and has lived in several African countries. She carries with her a 100% export success record.

Joel Wilson.jpg
Joel Wilson
Business Strategist

Joel has  Marketing Director experienced in developing brand, communications and campaign strategies. Joel has managed the day-to-day activities of all aspects of marketing – from online, social and search to collateral, communications, PR and advertising – in order to help companies grow a loyal customer base.

Justin Hospedales

Justin Hospedales is a graduate from Acadia University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Political Science. He went on to obtain post-graduate from Harvard University, Google, and Mortgage Professionals, Canada. Justin runs the African Complex Financial Structures, AU Sourcing Compliance Department.

Ben Dekant

Financial Director

Ben is a professional with more than 35 years of experience in accounting, financial control, business planning, budgeting, and has vast experience in restructuring projects and its execution. As well as, development of business strategies in multiple industries, like Banking, Industrial Engineering and Energy.

Stephen C. Mascoli
Regional Director

Stephen is a jewelry professional with more than 40 years of experience.  Having a love for gems and making jewelry since he was a child, he studied Jewelry & Metal smithing at California State University, Long Beach and Diamonds at GIA, before he started his jewelry manufacturing company.  He served on the Board of Directors of the Manufacturing Jewelers of Southern Portugal (A.I.O.S.) before returning to the US.  He brings his knowledge and experience to the team.

Gavin Photo.jpg
Gurbinder Singh Sadhra
Director South East Asia
Gurbinder Sadhra I have 20+ years of international hands-on commercial experience in the diamond, gemstone and jewelry business. I put my expertise in business strategy & management, innovative marketing and proven growth/launch strategies to good use by sharing my expertise and advising a roster of Foz to launch the new South East Asia Division.
Since 2000, I have helmed strategic turnarounds and spearheaded intense growth for some of the largest fine jewelry manufacturers and brands in our industry beginning with my early days in New York City & Hong Kong at Fabrikant, and Andin of Richline Group, Dalumi Diamonds.
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